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King Kaka explains why his song ‘Dundaing’ had to be pulled down



King Kaka is the talk of town at the moment and it’s all thanks to his mega hit ‘dundaing’ ft Kristoff and Magix Enga.

The song is being played everywhere, from matatus to clubs to kiosks you name it and guys have been taking videos of themselves singing along to the song or even dancing. Let’s not forget about the funny memes of guys literally dundaing.

When the music video was uploaded, it had over 100k views, but all of a sudden the video was no longer on YouTube.

Well, in an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, King Kaka explained why he had to pull down the music video.

“The film board called me and they are like hii inaviolate community guidelines. After I put up the video, ilikaa around kitu kama 10-12 hours and then they called me. Unajua mimi sitakangi story mob, so I asked them what do you mean wakasema let us discuss internally then we’ll communicate. So I told them, let me put it private mkishadiscuss na mkiamua I’ll put it back on. Tukakaa 24 hours then they called. I had to call people.”

Adelle went ahead and asked him after he put the video back up, if it helped views, he said,

“Niliskia stories that it’s a publicity stunt, but you know the public always talks. Lets talk about the song. The song is nice, na tumekua tukireceive around 200, 300 videos kwa DMs every night wasee wakienda clubs. I think that also pushed the song.”

On the Dundaing song, he stated that he worked on it in July while recording his album.

“We worked on this song in July coz I was recording my album, then I flew in my friend from Tanzania called Jose. He’s the guy that shot the video.”

Before King Kaka became King Kaka, he was known as Rabbit, when he came to the game. What led to the name change? He explained to Adelle and Shaffie that he had to change his name because he was growing and had to discover new avenues.

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“We have to grow. Kuna line ingine Jay Z husema ‘You want my old songs, buy my old albums’. The Rabbit wa ten years ago si huyu wa sahi, but Rabbit is my foundation. He has inspired me but also as I grow I’m discovering new avenues. King Kaka akona new opportunities and I’m a family man now. Rabbit alikua hustler, trying to find his way. I’m finding my way here but my thought process now is different, my journey has changed. Ningekua ule Rabbit tu, mngesema kwani huyu msee is not growing. I’m now an inspiration not only to Eastalndo people but to everyone who has seen my journey. I also inspire myself.”

King Kaka is set to launch his album on 30th November at Uhuru Gardens. His album will also be available on Songa by Safaricom and you can get the app by dialing *812# or visit Google App Store.

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