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KTN anchor Ben Kitili dares those criticizing his marriage to ‘cross the line’ – Nairobi News



Newly-wed TV journalist vows to protect his marriage to Muslim wife by all means.

KTN news anchor Ben Kitili says he has ‘forgiven’ those who criticized his wedding to longtime companion Amina Mude.

He has however vowed to ‘protect his family’ if anyone crosses the line.

The couple tied the knot at a low-key ‘invites only’ ceremony held at the Attorney Genarals’ Chambers and later on held a reception party at a Nairobi hotel over the weekend.

Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude toast to their wedding during the reception party in Nairobi. PHOTO | COURTESY


This ceremony, however, attracted varied reactions from curious Kenyans on social media seen to be critical of a wedding between a Christian man and a Muslim woman.

“The Muslim population has every right to be concerned about Islamic issues happening in our country and as such we have every right to condemn any act that violates our sharia which prohibits a Muslim woman from marrying a Christian man,” claimed Abdkadir Mohammed.

To this Kitili responded in a long social media post: “In marriage, God is more important than religion.”

Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude during their wedding reception party. PHOTO | COURTESY
Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude during their wedding reception party. PHOTO | COURTESY


“To those who are not so welcoming, we forgive you… you have a constitutional right to your opinion… however, should any of you cross the line against the law – as I said, I ‘ll protect my family with my all,” Kitili wrote.

The Daystar University alumnus also indicated that her wife’s family had endorsed the union.

“To all my Muslim and Somali brothers and sisters, especially my shemejis from Wajir, thanks alot for your kind words and great reception.”

Kitili and Amina have been living together since 2015. They have been blessed with a three-year-old daughter.