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Moses kuria digs deep on the two-thirds gender rule bill



Gatundu south member of parliament has finally spoken out his mind on the lobbying of the two-thirds gender rule in the parliament.

Through a long post on his social media account, the lawmaker declares his stunt on the bill.

The post read, “I have tried to engage the women leadership in the House on remedial measures that can salvage the gender bill. I have suggested that we move from a reward based nominations system to a fixed term parliamentary internship or leadership college based on meritocracy. I have suggested that interested candidates apply right from constituency level to ensure we give opportunities to grassroots women and not just those who can get their way to the next seminar in a 5 star hotel in Nairobi. I have suggested that we put in place an indipendent selection panel to receive applications from interested women and thus remove political parties from the selection process and ensure meritocracy. I have further suggested that the women who need the support, mentorship and nurturing are the youth of this country and therefore the seats should be reserved to the women who fall in the legal definition of the youth bracket. The women leadership in the House has REJECTED these proposals. Accordingly I will vote against this bill on Wednesday. I have received many calls from grassroot women from all the corners of the country. They have asked me to vote against this elitist and selfish bill which will not only increase the National Assembly with 87 seats but also marginalize grassroots and rural women. They have asked me to put in consideration rural women who have zero chance of being nominated. They have asked me to think of ordinary young women who will never be nominated if they have no godfather. My one word to you daughters of the soil. I have heard you. I will vote NO. A biiiig NO. And I will get other members including very many women to vote NO.”

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