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Otile Brown finally responds to Vera Sidika after claims he has a small D that does not satisfy her



The soap opera between ex-lovers Otile Brown and Vera Sidika is still the talk of the town. Heck, people are still talking about Otile Brown’s small D according to Vera.

This daram comes after they were spotted in Dubai together and everyone was just tired of their publicity stunts in an attempt to seek attention from the fans.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown

Vera Sidika just wants to prove that we understand she was not dickmatized and her song, Nalia, was a carrer move and plan she had for the longest time and had nothing to do with Otile Brown.

She then went ahead to call Otile for having a weak game when it comes to bedroom matters. Read more of the story here:

‘He cared about conversation getting in someone’s hand and not how to improve his s3x game’ Otile begs Vera not to leak their s3xts

Otile Brown has been silent on the issue but yesterday he finally decided to give his fans and Vera’s fans a response to Vera Sidika’s claims.

He posted on social media and said:

I’m amazing ?

Otile Brown could just be saying that he is amazing in all ways and whatever Vera Sidika has been saying is not true.

Their rivalry has gone further to a point where Otile and Vera have organized an all-white party in different venues but the same day.

Otile Brown announced his first gig that will be taking place in Thika alongside DJ Kalonje and Vera’s will be in Mtwapa, Mombasa.

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