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Betty Kyalo is the queen of clap-backs, read how she silences rude fan



Betty Kyalo is slowly taking over as the queen of clap backs. The TV beauty has been on the limelight for a few now following her exit from KTN as she prepares for her big reveal on K24.

Her personal life and relationships also played a out in the public arena.

Recently, she took to her twitter to invite people to her beauty palour. It was one of those run of the mill tweet but it lead to so much drama.

“Good morning, friends, family and frenemies I hope to See you later at @FlairByBetty … I bet you could do with a haircut, manicure or pedicure. See you later? Great!”

One of her followers innocently asked what services they could get for Ksh 50;

“Ni service gani naezapata na chwani apo @FlairByBetty?”

Betty responded with an image of an old cellotaped Sh50 note, and used the term Crimino – associated with nominated Nairobi MCA.

That’s when hell broke loose, as someone else replied to her tweet stating;

“Siku hizi uko idle aje hadi unaengage masmallwigs huku? Kwani 001 anarudia KCSE ?”

Betty had a bomb reply that brought the little game to a drastic end. Thanks to her clap-back.

She tweeted:

“Niko kwa bank nangoja pesa zihesabiwe… wewe je brathe? Nguo zimekauka ama jua kidogo shida? “

Below are the series of tweets;

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