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Real Talk Fam! 10 Reasons why It’s OK to loose friends over time



Image by Enock Kaye/ Instagram AmuKay Photography

Loosing friends as you grow older or a step further in life is nothing to worry about.

Sadly, people get busier and some friendships go down the drain bit by bit.

Sometimes, the people you were closest to when you were younger tend to fall by the wayside, and your friendship becomes less and less of a priority. After making memories, sharing secrets and having fun together, it can be hard to let go of a friendship that doesn’t stand the test of time.

However, below are reasons to prove it’s super Ok & natural;

  1. You stopped tolerating those who are not genuine.

As we grow and learn, we tend to want less drama in life. At times, we mostly get along with some people because circumstances force us to do so such as classmates, co-workers or rarely seen extended family members, as you get older, you tend to stop tolerating people who aren’t genuine and spreading negative vibes.

2. You realize Value of Time

With every passing year comes more responsibility. As you grow older and life gets a little more hectic, you start to truly value the concept of time.

When you manage to get some free time, you want to spend it with the people you’re closest to and care most about, instead of those who are simply acquaintances. Your busy schedule allows for time with your family and true friends — those who are by your side through thick and thin — the people who make you laugh, support you and build you up.

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3. Priorities change.

While friends are a huge priority at a young age, your priorities tend to change with age, often changing to work, success or family. While it’s natural for priorities to change, remember that friendship is still an essential key to happiness.

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4. People Change.. Life moves on

People change, things happen, and life goes on without having everyone by you. Above all else, if a relationship is hindering any part of you being the best that you can be, work it out or get out of it. Some people, as sad as it is, are negative and toxic, and if you’re not happy in your relationship with this person, try to fix it or leave.

5. Your true friendships have grown

The friends who’ve stuck by your side through the good times and bad are the ones who will be there to support you, no matter what. Somewhere along the line, the fair weather friends and acquaintances start to fall away, and you’re left with the friends who support you, motivate you, brighten your mood and are happy to see you succeed. These friendships are the ones that grow and strengthen. You develop deeper bonds and connections with every up and down you face together, and you begin to realize that quality is much more important than quantity.

6. Relocating to different countries or schools or towns

This get’s beyond our control, with distance, you could get to talk often but in time you find less time to chat and one on one friendships grow.

7. You have matured

Same going still remains, with change in priorities and growth, some things you were used to doing with yo’ friends tend to seem childish or immature therefore you tend to detach from the group.

8. Having different ambitions
9. When getting into a relationship

More often, we drift from our friends as we are building our love life and relationships. I mean, you tend to confide more in yo’ partner and spend more time together leaving little to no room for yo’ buddies.

10. Me time!!

It becomes hard as we get older to make social life a priority when we have so many other things going on. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that their friends can’t hang out all of the time and without understanding, oh boy!