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‘This thing has never left me normal’ Akothee cries after losing her grandfather



Losing a loved one has never been easy for anyone, even those who act like they are strong, hurt really bad inside.


Akothee lost her loving grandfather a few months ago, and ever since things have not been the same. She described him as the love of his life and they were really close and his death really affected her.

Taking to social media, she expressed her sadness after he passed away.

She wrote, “November 23rd was the darkest moment in my life , I could not imagine my grandfarher exchanging his name from Ogendi James to body , ” ero wadhi omo body !” wao wao wao , this thing has never left me normal ! the gap is too big , my grandma calls me even in the middle of the night , I know she is lonley , Nyogoro alemoni mama ” thats all she can say , I love you grandpa R.I.P , anyuol nyathi achaki wuora My love for you will never change osiepna.”

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