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Should you be sleeping with your phone in bed? Eve woman



 Sleeping with your phone in bed will ruin your sleep pattern (Photo: iStock)


We’ve all probably been there before. You’ve put a podcast to listen to before you catch some Z’s and the next thing you know, you’re waking up in the morning with earphones scattered all over with the podcast still going on.

This happens to many of us at one point and although we’ve heard that sleeping with our phones in bed is bad, we don’t look at the details.

The truth is that there are risks that come with having this habit, and it’s scarier than you think. These are proven reasons why you should never attempt to do it again:

The stories of phones and chargers causing a fire are everywhere. But still, many people think that this can never happen to them and that they’re safe, which isn’t really true.

If you’re used to sleeping with your phone under the pillow especially while it’s charging, you should stop. Your phone could overheat and there might also be a malfunction with the charger that can end up triggering a fire. You could get seriously injured as a result so this should really be avoided.

 Chances are you will fall asleep in the wrong position when using your phone (Photo: RTE)
  • It lowers your quality of sleep

Good quality sleep is different from a simple snooze. Our bodies need to get adequate rest so they can repair themselves and this is also important because it lowers the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

When you sleep with your phone directly next to you, you’re lowering the quality of sleep you’re getting. It’s more likely that you exposed yourself to blue light before you slept and throughout the night which disrupts your sleep cycle.

  • It makes it harder to fall asleep

Have you ever had those days where you’re tired but somehow, you’re struggling to fall asleep? There are many reasons why this happens but placing your phone on your bed might have something to do with it.

This ties to blue light exposure too so you will have a tough time falling asleep and when you do, it’s not good quality anyway.

Know that your body needs to recharge itself properly and you should kick this habit away for a healthier life.

 You won’t have enough sleep making your day less productive (Photo: iStock)

Mornings are supposed to feel refreshing but you can forget that if you continue with this habit. Waking up tired is an effect of these patterns and some studies have shown that it increases the likelihood of headaches and mood swings, which will affect the rest of your day.

No one wants to wake up tired, moody and with a headache and that is why it’s not a good idea.

What to do about it

Old habits die hard and this is true when it comes to this situation. When you’ve done this for a long time, you might find it hard to make some changes.

It would first help to think about the benefits. This will motivate you to ditch your phone before bed so you don’t end up falling asleep right next to it. The next thing you should do is get a nightstand where you can place your phone at a safe distance.

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