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Some of the busiest roads in Nairobi that have bad traffic



Traffic in many countries of the world is a problem which at times seems inevitable. This is because it is caused my the slightest thing on the road. Be it an accident, protest, traffic lights as well, drivers who fail to follow the traffic rules.

In Nairobi its the same case. Here are the roads which you are sure to get traffic during rush hours in Nairobi.

  1. Mombasa road

The traffic that usually takes place on Uhuru Highway at times stretches to Mombasa road. However, it is a bit worse cause the road has a good number of roundabouts making it hectic for police officers.

Someone can be stuck in traffic for hours since the road connects to other roads in other areas like, South B, South C, Langata and many more.


2. Ngong road

ngong road

It isn’t wide enough to handle the influx of cars that it faces. If a driver catches it on a bad day, they can lead to being stranded there for hours. Good news is that the government started the operation of widening it so at least there is hope for commuters who use that road.

3. Lang’ata road


During the day getting traffic along Lang’ata road is hectic because when you reach Nyayo stadium, you might end up getting traffic on Mombasa road.

Here you can stay for so many hours if you don’t try to evade it by using other alternatives.

4. Thika road


Thika road became one of the best highways in Kenya. However, it becomes hectic when you get stuck in traffic. In the morning traffic can start all the way from Safari park Hotel and surprisingly ends at Pangani.

Many people still understand the concept but at least when it comes to Thika road it you are assured you won’t be stuck in traffic for hours.

5. Uhuru Highway


It runs between downtown and Uhuru park the stretch of road is a necessary obstacle to connect between Waiyaki way and Mombasa road.

It sometimes gets serious traffic during rush hour which the roundabouts can become tangled messes with traffic police holding up proceedings of cars.

6. Jogoo road


It is one of the slowest roads to take when heading to town during certain hours of the day. Frequent matatus joining Jogoo road to avoid Mombasa road traffic, combined with roundabouts close to to getting into town make it even slower and more hectic.

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