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State honours AP officer who rehabilitates drug addicts



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A Murang’a-based Administration Police officer has been honoured with the Head of State Commendation for his exemplary efforts in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitating addicts.

Sgt Moses Kimenchu has been using part of his salary to cater for transport and buying demonstration materials which he uses in shopping centres, schools and in chiefs’ barazas with the aim of creating awareness on drugs and alcohol abuse.

During his off days, Sgt Kimenchu moves around shopping centres armed with a projector and dressed in his uniform to teach people on the consequences of drug abuse.

He has to rely on his bare mouth to give out his message as he cannot afford a public address system.

Sgt Kimenchu, 36, has also been helping alcoholic and drug addicts who are on the recovery path. Among them are top lawyers, politicians, fellow police officers and journalists.

He says he has rescued 179 addicts who include 39 police officers.

Speaking to the Nation, Sgt Kimenchu said he was driven by his passion to save police officers who had been bogged down by alcohol as well as youths from his home, many of whom died due to addiction-related ailments.

“I was a cobbler before joining the police service and I used to think that people take alcohol because of lack of jobs. But when I joined the service I found out that police officers were also affected and for this reason, I pleaded with my seniors to allow me undertake the counselling activities,” he said.

Due to lack of funds, Sgt Kimenchu says he sets aside Sh5,000 from his monthly salary for transport and for enabling him conduct the counselling sessions on daily basis.

He says lack of funds has been his major obstacle in his noble course.

He says he tries hard to use his income to cater for his family and relatives and the counselling of drug addicts which he sees as a calling.

“Sometimes I’m needed by my bosses for an operation or on duty but I have to press my diary to visit an addict or a shopping centre for public awareness,” Sgt Kimenchu says.

Sgt Kimenchu recently rescued a former Kenya Defence Forces officer who was fired for his drinking habits and has now been admitted to a rehabilitation centre.

Like most of Kenyans, Sgt Kimenchu was shocked but happy to learn that his name had been listed in the Kenya Gazzete notice the Head of State Commendation after his boss called to congratulate him for the nomination.

The award will be the fourth one for him in two years after the National Agency for the Campaign against Drug Abuse (Nacada), on June 26 this year at Tononoka grounds in Mombasa, awarded him for championing against alcohol and substance abuse.

In December 2017, the Kenya Red Cross gave Sgt Kimenchu a community service award and in May the same year, he was given the Extra Mile Award by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority.

He was also honoured by the National Police Service in 2017.

He says he will continue performing the noble task and hopes to be an ambassador against drug and alcohol abuse both in Kenya and in Africa.

“My happiness is when I rescue a life [from addiction]. I sleep like child because that’s what I like doing I hope one day I will be a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize,” he says.