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Tanzania singer Diamond With his Kenyan lover and NRG radio Presenter Tanasha Dona at the JKIA airport ahead of Thika concert



All roads lead to Thika Stadium. Leo kitaeleweka!! Diamond Platinumz just Landed in the Nairobi County and fans can’t keep calm.

The WCB Star is a darling to many and the hype can be mistaken for the event to have already began. We are only counting a couple hours before it can all be lit.

The controversy however is that all the other artists who will be sharing the stage with him are Gospel artist.

Kutaendaje? Fans have hinted how awkward it will be for the songs to change from worship and praise to ‘kuteleza kama nyoka pangoni.’ on a light note though but this is a concern that many have risen.

Diamond Platinumz is in the company of his WCB team not the entire team though or the artists signed under him.

The Tanzanian music King has promised to give a grand performance today that will be remembered by his fans for a lifetime.

“Naelekea Thika Kenya we are shutting it down tonight” Diamond says in his video

Some of the artists that will be sharing the stage with Diamond include Ben Githae, Muigai Njoroge, Loise Kim and Wakabura, Bahati, David Wonder, Masterpiece, DJ Mo among others.

Diamond received a grand welcome at the airport today and many are convinced that there is no better place to be tonight than where all the fun is.

The Thika stadium gates have been open since 4 pm today and probably already flooded.

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