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Uganda completes digitization of four metrology services



Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) says it has completed the digitization of four metrology services in an effort to ensure fairness in trade and precision of measurements in industry.

This comes as the country marks World Metrology Day under the theme, “Metrology in the Digital Era”.

Among the digitized services include E-Minzaani, an Information Management System is aimed at streamlining the adoption of Mobile Technologies as a tool to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and control of the use of both electronic and mechanical measuring instruments such as Counter Scales, Spring balances, Platform Scales and Weights used in trade

“It addresses the Billing and Receipting, including printing through a Mobile Point of Sale (POS), Licensing, including the printing of Mechanics and Workshop Licenses, Technician Licenses, Mechanics Work Logs, Workshop Management Tracking and Repair Management for weighing equipment used in trade,” said UNBS.

The System for Mobile Verification Tool (SMVT) for Electricity Meters Verification on the other hand verifies Energy Meters and captures verification data for electricity meters both during in-house and field verification while e-truck/e-rig verifies Road Fuel Tankers, Bulk Flow Meters and Static Tanks Dipsticks to ensure fairness in trade.

“Wrong measurements can result in wrong decisions which can threaten consumer protection and the quality of products and services on the market. In extreme cases, inaccurate measurements can result into loss of life and property, especially in the field of medicine and aviation,” added the bureau.

Additionally, UNBS has deployed the Metrology Laboratory Information Management System (METLIMS) which enables clients to access the National Metrology Laboratory (NML) Calibration services online, regardless of their location.

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