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‘You will never touch yourself again’ Obinna assures Vera Sidika he will satisfy her as opposed to Otile Brown



Oga Obinna is making headlines after he offered to take care of Vera Sidika’s needs in bed.

He is telling Vera that if she ever tried to date a man like him, she wouldn’t be complaining. This was after Vera Sidika took to social media saying that her ex Otile Brown has a small cassava. To make matters worse, he was poor in bed.

Vera added he wasn’t satisfying her, and his poor D game forced her to play with herself before and after they slept together.

She shared screenshots of the two talking about their s3x life and how she was teaching him how to make love.

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Obinna says he is the solution to her problems when it comes to anything bedroom. He has now penned a message to the socialite and singer saying that he is ugly but he can perform. He further adds that he has everything going for himself, a car, house and a career so he doesn’t need to depend on her or use her.


He wrote that:

the rest of you sleep if and when you wanna.
Vee you know where to find me and you have my number.
You will never touch yourself again I promise.?
Let me redeem for boy child. I bought my own Rolex,I always pay for my Own Music Videos that don’t get played??,Drive my Own Small Cars so I won’t reck yours,I have a house so I won’t over stay at yours, And when it comes to EATING I eat EVERYTHING!!!lol (edibles and non edibles)?
Ugly me we Perform!! ????

Well, now that the boy child has spoken his heart out, let us wait and see if Vee will give him a piece of her attention.

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