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After tying the knot, Ben Kitili’s wife sends him a message that will melt your heart



Ben Kitili is officially off the market after he married his long time love, Amina Mude, last week.

Ben was however bashed for marrying a Muslim and yet he’s a Christian, but he wasn’t gonna let anyone’s negativity bring them down or better yet make their special moment a disaster.

A section of Muslims are not happy with their cross-cultural and cross-religious union. They have attacked the couple for their decision to tie the knot despite their religions.

One individual wrote; “This is nonsensical, absurd, implausible, ridiculous and downright insult on the face of Islam and our most dignified Somali culture. This beautiful lady sold her dignity and whole beauty to the devils and despised our beautiful prophets’ teachings.”

But despite all the backlash, Ben’s wife took to social media to pen down a beautiful message to her husband.

She stated that he has been a solid rock in her foundation, and even wiped her tears and made her smile again when things got tough.

She wrote, “To the world, you are Ben Kitili, to me you are my safe haven, a place I call home, so warm and kind. You have been my solid rock foundation, you walked with me, wiped my tears and made me smile when the world left me shattered. You made me believe in myself again. You are not only the father of my daughter but the man I vowed to love, respect and honour all the days of life. I’m forever grateful for meeting you, falling in love with you and now to be called your wife. To many more years babe @benkitili.

Ben and Amina are blessed with a baby girl who resembles her father in so many ways.

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