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Of DP Ruto, His Kalenjins and The Maize Scandal



I once said on this platform that my Kalenjin brothers, unlike other tribes, will follow their leader, one William Ruto right into the pit of hell. I remember some time back, when Raila took money from Asians in Kisumu and allowed them to erect an idolatrical pillar, they resisted it right before him and brought down the pillar. This is a show to him that he can (mis)lead them in politics but not in matters faith and economics.

Uhuru is the leader of Kikuyus. I have never heard him tell them to leave coffee and Miraa farming and plant guavas. Real Western Region leaders, I say REAL coz we have some characters like Echesa and Khalwale, are busy fighting on the revival of sugar cane. Ruto knows one thing for a fact that he leads a vast majority of thick, unreasonably gullible subjects. He knows that these people are like addicted sportspesa gamblers who are in comprehensively addicted to the promising odds they see despite the daily losses they make. Their hope is always one-that one day they will win huge amounts of money. On the other hand, Kalenjins believe that their leader is the 5th President. Underline this; Ruto will be president may be in Viusasa.
Ruto is surrounded by three kinds of politicians;

(i) Pest politicians: They vastly come from Western and Coast Region and partly Rift Valley. These are the likes of Khalwale and those other empty drums that are there to help him reduce his loot to manageable levels as they sing his “2022 praises.”

(ii) Guns for hire: They vastly come from the larger Mt. Kenya Region and partly Rift Valley. These are the likes of Ndindi Nyoro, Kimani Ichung’wa among others. These are there to keep reminding Ruto that he is the chosen one even when they know it is not true. They are there to keep his ego afloat. They are there to blind him as oligarchs sharpen the gallows for his eventual slaughter. They are there to keep abusing RAILA left and right.

(iii) Empty debes: Here is where we find the likes of Murkomen, the Sudis and other Rift Valley hecklers. Their relevance is only maintained by the noises they make around Ruto. They are partners in crime with Ruto. They know the ills he’s doing but will defend him just to remain relevant. They know that if they stop that, their political future is dead.

That aside, let’s go to the MAIZE and AVOCADO issues. Impeccably truthful information has it that Ruto and some politicians are in a do or die plan to solicit resources to mount a high octane campaigns for presidency. Now that corruption, their main source of income, is being stifled and their corrupt deals being exposed, Ruto has turned to eat his own gullible followers. Ruto has gone to Congo, taking advantage of the political bloodshed and deaths there, bought large parcels of land and planted Maize. He does not stop there. He summons his dogs, sniffs them with money and goes out with them to his desperately gullible followers to tell them that they should not be FOOLS ENOUGH to stop maize planting and consider avocado planting. Yes, he is right. Ruto is right. He knows they are fools. Ruto wants them to plant avocados and sell to CHINESE. Ruto wants to be the sole maize supplier and with his dogs mint money from the government. My question is; Ruto goes to Central Kenya. He should be challenged to tell them also to stop their coffee planting, to stop their Miraa planting and plant avocados to Chinese. I bet he will be airlifted from that rally in crutches.

Ruto supplies fertilizers to his people under very unfriendly conditions; Ruto imports bad maize from “Mexico” expensively and pushes his OWN PEOPLE to rot with their maize. The imported maize is no longer good for consumption but money they have. The same Ruto is not willing to negotiate the prices of maize on behalf of his people. Of course Ruto has the powers to make the maize prices at kshs. 3,200+ as the farmers request.

In conclusion, I urge you my Kalenjin friends, sing Ruto, follow him, make him “your” president. Die for him but the sweet reality is, you will be the ones to be mauled by this senseless vampire in the name of a hustler.

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