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Jasper Murume reveals the man who encouraged him to do comedy



Jasper Murume

Churchill Show comedian, Jasper Murume has made us laugh our hearts out because of his jokes and he has to thank his uncle for the success he is enjoying ever since he ventured into comedy.

In an interview heard by Kiss FM, Jasper who is famed for his Meru accent, explained how he almost gave up in comedy after failing in numerous auditions.

I had the determination to do comedy just like everyone else and so I had to hustle hard. I went for auditions and it all started when I used to do crazy comedy with the likes of Fred Omondi, then I got the right contacts and I got to learn about Churchill Show auditions.

Finally I went and Victor Ber gave me a shot but it did not go as planned.” He said.

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If it were not for his uncle’s determination to see him prosper on the biggest stages like his colleague, Eric Omondi, he doesn’t know where he would be today.

“Later on I heard they were hosting a show in Meru and everything went my way this time and by the time I went back for Nairobi auditions it was not too hard for me to be picked since I had learned what I needed to sharpen.

I was encouraged by my uncle to actually go back and audition again. He told me; “Mwongera can you take your things and go back to Nairobi. I don’t know what you are doing here, you are very talented. Other people are making it in Nairobi, look at people like Eric (Omondi) they are millionaires right now. You need to go back and show me what you got.”

He went on to state that, looking back, he now realizes his dear uncle was using cheeky ways to kick him out of his home so as to see him become an independent man.

“Looking back I came to realize my uncle used a cheeky way of actually kicking me out of his home.”

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