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Trevor Noah’s ‘Son of Patricia’ is finally out on Netflix



If you don’t find Trevor Noah funny, you really need to go get checked because you might not have a sense of humour.

Well, for all the Trevor Noah lovers, you can now smile all the way to Timbuktu as his comedy special, ‘Son of Patricia’ is finally out and is showing on Netflix.

It was released worldwide on November 20 and we his fans are super impressed.

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Trevor has been hyping up the show for weeks now and on d-day thousands of people have expressed their excitement upon the release.

From hilarious moments during a holiday in Bali to experiencing racism in America, Trevor has again nailed the balance between funny and serious, cementing his comedic status even more.

This is definitely one show that will really help us get to know Trevor Noah a bit better, well that is if you’ve not read his book, Born a Crime, which you should.

Watch the trailer below;

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