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Academic credentials and Graft are the nightmare for Sonko IEBC clearance.



There is a reported stand-off at in Mombasa after the Returning Officer Swalhah Yusuf said she had not received official communication from the High Court to clear Wiper Party gubernatorial aspirant Mike Sonko.

She said the commission was not aware that Mr Sonko has an active case at Supreme Court, and it needs the same communication to clear him.

Mr Sonko’s lawyers are current;y leading the team to argue the case to push the commission to clear him.

At 4:45pm, Ms Yusuf received the order from the Supreme Court informing her that Mr Sonko has a pending case, which was barring, but she maintained it was past the working hours.

Mr Sonko’s team maintained they would remain at the office until he is cleared, since they have presented all requisite documents.

At 5:22pm, journalists and all supporters of the aspirant were ejected from the IEBC room, where clearance of candidates was taking place as IEBC county officials consulted further with their seniors.